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May 16, 2012

Kediri: Hometown of Mine

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Everyone has to have a hometown.Kediri is mine. There are so many things I can tell you about this place. It’s the place where I was born and grew up. It’s just a nice, cool, and beautiful place to stay. The area is surrounded by mountains and has lots of nature scenery so that its air is cold and fresh.Kediri is one of regencies in East Java province. It has a very strategic position in this province, connecting other regencies on the west side of East Java. Kediri is surrounded by five other regencies of East java, Tulungagung and Nganjuk Regencies on the West; Jombang and Nganjuk Regencies on the North; Jombang and Malang Regencies on the East and Blitar and Tulungagung Regencies on the South.

The development in Kediri still goes on, even until now. Some projects are hoped to be one of Kediri’s icons such as the Monument of Simpang Lima Gumul, which design has a similarity with The Arc of Triumph in Paris. Kediri has also improved its tourism facilities in order to fulfill the need and demand of tourists especially now in the era globalization. In the past few years,Kediri has grown into industrial, educational, as well as tourism center. As tourism center,Kediri has so many interesting places to visit. In this regency, you can visit tourism objects such as Mount Kelud, Dolo Waterfalls, Surowono Temple, Tegowangi Temple and the famous Sri Aji Joyoboyo Graveyard. Another attraction you can find in Kediri is the Festival of 1 Suro which is held every 1 Muharram to honor the Kings of Kediri in the past. Besides natural and historical tourism objects, you can also visit shopping areas at Doho Street or taste a little touch of modern excitement at Sri Ratu Mall and Dhoho Plaza.

While visiting some tourism sites in Kediri, you can also experience culinary tourism. Kediri offers you with so many kinds of food which are delicious and cheap also. The most famous food in Kediri is nasi pecel and sambel tumpang. Nasi pecel is rice served with some kind of vegetable salad with peanut sauce dressing. While sambel tumpang is some kind of sauce made of rotten tempe. It has a unique flavor and scent but still delicious. You can combine nasi pecel and sambel tumpang and feel one of Indonesian delicious culinary heritage. Besides that, there is also getuk pisang, food made from corned banana covered with banana leaf. You can also taste some of Kediri’s special food such as tahu takwa or takwa tofu, tofu stick, snail sate, etc.

Kediri with all of its uniqueness and characteristic has been in my heart and it will always be. I invite you there to feel it all; the nature, the food, and the excitement. I’m sure you won’t regret it. Home sweet home, how I miss my hometown so much. As the saying says ‘You can take someone out ofKediri, but You can’t take Kediri out of someone’.


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