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May 16, 2012

Illiteracy in Indonesia: The Cause and Solution

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Illiteracy has been a problem to our nation for decades. Illiteracy is not just a condition of not being able to write and read, but it is also  a condition that may cause a series of wide impact to the society. Illiterate people are usually petty-minded, because they get very little information from their surroundings. This will eventually lead to stupidity and poverty.

Until now,Indonesiais still struggling to fight illiteracy, which still hit the number of 9,7 million people or  6% of the population. But,Indonesiais still faced by new potential illiterate estimated about 600.000 people per year. The question now is what really causes the illiteracy number to increase, despite of many efforts that has been made by the government.

Some factors that cause the high illiteracy rate inIndonesiasuch as affordability of education inIndonesiaand accessability of education because of geographic condition in some places inIndonesia. Access to education sector is still very difficult to many of Indonesian society. The cost factor is the main factor that affect people’s decision of not going to school. Many parents can no longer afford education for their children so they think that their children better go to work to help them fulfil the family daily needs. Besides that, some region inIndonesiaare not accessible for education because of the geographic condition, such in in the middle of mountain range, or in the middle of jungle,etc.

Considering all of these factors, the fight against illiteracy should be made seriously and  continuously, not only by the government but also by the society. Some efforts that can be done and should be improved by the government such as updating the data of illiteracy in Indonesia objectively and comprehensively,  socializing literacy education program to the society especially in the remote areas, and increasing the budget allocation of Literacy program in the APBN or National Budget. Besides that, there should be coordination and synchronization between all of governmental programs in solving this illiteracy.

Society should also be involved in solving illiteracy. We must care about what happen in our surroundings. And illiterate people should have the willingness within themselves to be free from illiteracy. With the help of government, social institutions, and schools illiteracy can definitely be erased from ourIndonesia. Each components must communicate transparently and accountably and in the end this nation must unite to fight against illiteracy so that Indonesia get its credibility again and have bargaining position in the eye of  the world.


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