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May 16, 2012

Contribution of Ojek in Jakarta

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As we know, Ojek is one of public transportation used by lots of citizen of Jakarta. Ojek can be found in almost every corner of the city; at the market, housing areas, office areas, road juctions, and terminals. These days, ojek has become an irresistible mode of transportation because it is highly needed by society. Nevertheless, there is still no government licensing for ojek so government still has no control over it.

 There are several benefits that we, as citizen ofJakarta, can get by using ojek. First, by using ojek we can avoid the traffic jam so we can get to our destination, such as our office or school, faster. Even in an urgent situation ojek is very useful, for instance, we often hear that in a traffic jam ojek is used by anyone including politician or fuctioner to get to a cabinet meeting or any important event on time.

 By using ojek, we don’t have to worry about the field or situation of the place we are heading. It will deliver us  right to the spot, because ojek can avoid traffic jam and it can go through small and narrow road. Besides that, the cost of ojek can be compromised, we can bargain the cost depending  on the distance of our destination. Ojek can be found not only during the day, but also during the night, so we don’t have to be worried about not getting public transportation at night.

Beside for the society, ojek also gives contribution to the government. Despite its existence as an illegal mean of transportation, ojek also contributes in raising the income of  lower-middle class society. It reduces the rate of unemployment and has become one of non formal business sectors. The use of ojek can improve the mobility of citizen ofJakarta, so the  performance of workers inJakartawill raise, and at the end the private enterprises and the government will benefit from the high performance of these workers.


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